Resident: Council must deliver on election promises to lower taxes

Puslinch councillors, many of whom campaigned on promises to cut taxes, have hinted they intend to follow through on those promises at budget time.

 Councillor Wayne Stokley suggested a tax decrease is “likely,” and said council will be working on the budget soon.

Councillor Susan Fielding agreed that since many made promises to cut taxes, council should concentrate on keeping costs low.

They were responding to a letter from Sandra Solomon, who said that since the average 2010 tax rate increase of 12% was tied to “one-time” costs associated with the new Optimist recreation centre and the settlement of a lawsuit, taxes should “automatically” drop by at least that amount this year.

“Now it is time to put your money where your mouth is and deliver on your promises,” Solomon wrote. “In order to fulfill your election promises of reducing taxes, our township portion of the taxes needs to drop by more than an average of 12%.”

Council scheduled budget meetings for Feb. 16 and 23 and (tentatively) March 14 and 15.