Report: Opening of James Square right-of-way to improve services

A proposal to re-open the James Square right-of-way in Fergus is paving the way for improved services.

A report from Centre Wellington’s director of infrastructure Colin Baker recommended council pass a bylaw to reopen the right-of-way, which runs parallel to Tower Street in Fergus between St. Patrick and St. George Streets.

Baker’s report noted that in 1980, the former town of Fergus sold the property at 299 St. Patrick Street West to private ownership. This property, known as James Square, contained the former Fergus fire hall and town hall. The building was converted into an apartment complex.  

Around the same time, the laneway between St. George Street and St. Patrick Street immediately east of 299 St. Patrick Street West was closed as a municipal right-of-way though still retained by the town.

Baker stated the reason behind the reopening of the right-of-way is to facilitate the reconstruction of the laneway on the east side of James Square between St. Patrick Street and St. George Street.

That work includes replacement of the existing sanitary sewer, installation of a new storm sewer with a connection to the existing storm sewer on St. Patrick Street, and a 4.5-metre wide asphalt road complete with curb and gutter.

Council approved the work with little comment.