Quite a sight

Part of the News coverage this week includes an article on the police page of our website about bicycle safety. Although it is standard fare year round, summer holidays are around the corner and excitement might make for some unsafe riding by youngsters in the next couple weeks.

We witnessed a bit of that last week. First was an adult who drove through a stop sign and proceeded merrily down the street – taking no notice of a vehicle sharing the same lane. Second, a high school age student passed the car ahead whilst turning left. It looked almost choreographed, but it was unsafe. The final incident before returning to work from downtown was seeing two adolescents heading southbound past Beckers, on the wrong side of the street, driving on the sidewalk. They sailed through a green light with little regard for cars turning left or right or any regard for their own safety.

Bikes are great exercise and a faster way to get around town than walking, but cyclists need to remember they share intersections with pedestrians and roads with cars and trucks. Accidents happen so quickly, we hope some thought will be given to reminding kids to observe safety rules as summer break begins.