Puslinch supports Canada Post”™s plan to include civic address in mail

Unlike some communities such as Petrolia, Puslinch councillors are happy with some of the changes proposed by Canada Post regarding the use of PO box addressing.

Mayor Dennis Lever said he understands the intent is to allign civic addresses with physical addresses.

“We will see these changes in Puslinch eventually … and addresses will move away from RR6 Guelph or RR22 Cambridge. Those properties would end up having Puslinch as a postal address.”

Lever noted when he first moved to the area, the rural route number essentially identified the contractor and the delivery person knew where everyone lived.

Now the Canada Post drivers want to deliver to the civic address.

Councillor Matthew Bulmer noted this was an item identified within the township strategic plan. Lever agreed.

He said when contacting businesses in the Aberfoyle area, when work to get a Highway 6 bypass for Morriston was just beginning, some business people were not aware they were in Puslinch, they thought they were in Guelph “because all the mail said RR6 Guelph.”

Councillor Susan Fielding said she regularly attends the YMCA in Waterdown.

“When I’m talking to people and say I am from Puslinch – a lot say that is their address as well,” she said. “But they live in down in Strabane or other locations in Flamborough.”

She said the current identification doesn’t make sense. She said “even though change is hard, it will be a good change in the end.”