Puslinch recieves request to refund building permit fees for Classy Lane Stables rebuild

Puslinch Township councillors had no issue receiving a request to refunding building permit fees for the rebuild of a barn at Classy Lane Stables.

The item came to the council table on Feb. 17 as a request made by Jamie and Barb Millier.

The couple wrote, “We are writing you to request a refund of the cost of the building permit that we paid to you, to rebuild Barn 1 on our property that was destroyed by fire on Jan. 4, 2016.”

A further email from the Milliers to council restated Classy Lane’s request for the refund of the $2,916 building permit, as well as the $1,166 paid as a fine for beginning work on the building early.

“We have found that our insurance coverage does not cover all our costs, after our devastating fire on Jan. 4, 2016 and would appreciate any help you could give us.”

The Milliers stated “We applied for our building permit but while it was not processed in time for us to beat the weather we had to start with the footings a day before we received the permit. If we had waited the weather would have set us back two weeks which would result in us not being able to complete the building of the new barn in time for May 1 return of horses from the United States.”

Council agreed to recieve the information with no additional discussion.