Puslinch councillors upset with Highway 6 project delays

Puslinch councillors are upset with delays in the Environmental Assessment process for the Highway 6 project near Morriston, and want a meeting with the Minister of the Environment to try to solve the problem.
“The time for nice negotiations is over,” said councillor Susan Fielding at the March 5 council meeting.
She explained that she has had several recent discussions with an MOE official, who was unable to provide a possible date of completion for the environmental assessment.
“It’s time to do something proactive instead of waiting around for [the ministry] to finish,” Fielding said. “I think we need to do something to prod them along.”
She suggested that a letter requesting a meeting with John Gerretsen, the Minister of the Environment, may help move things along. She added that local MPP Ted Arnott should also be informed.
The rest of council agreed with Fielding’s suggestion, including councillor Matthew Bulmer, who said it’s “critical” the Highway 6 project move forward.
“We’re at risk of being eclipsed by the Southgate [industrial development] project,” Bulmer said.
He added that would send the message that one municipality – Guelph – is more important than another, which is unfair for Puslinch residents, who have been waiting for years for the Highway 6 project.
Puslinch administration staff told the Advertiser on Tuesday that the letter had not yet been sent to the minister.