Puslinch councillors not banking on OMPF increase

Even though Puslinch’s Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) allocation is increasing marginally in 2015, councillors are not banking on that becoming a trend for the future.

On Dec. 3, councillors reviewed correspondence from the Ministry of Finance regarding details of the township’s 2015 allocation.

Mayor Dennis Lever asked what the difference was between the OMPF payment of last year and this year. CAO Karen Landry estimated the amount increased $2,000.

This year’s overall allocation is $404,600 – to be divided among four quarterly payments.

Lever noted “many areas of saw large decreases – including the County of Wellington, but ours went up slightly.”

The OMPF report states the phase down of the fund was part of the 2008 agreement with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

Over the past year, the Ministry of Finance, in its consultations with AMO and other municipalities, found two key recommendations.

One recommendation was that funding should be targeted to municipalities with the greatest needs, and that the design of the program should ensure a manageable pace of change.