Puslinch council agrees to support municipal aggregate group

Puslinch council is prepared to support a meeting of the minds when it comes to aggregates.

On Sept. 21, Mayor Dennis Lever noted as mayor, he belongs to a group of the top 10 aggregate producing municipalities in Ontario.

“It was formed just after the election. The mayor of the City of Kawartha Lakes is currently leading it.”

Lever said the group has met a few times and at the recent Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference, “We had an open house and invited the Minister and other concerned groups, including representatives of some of the municipalities which are not in the top ten producers.”

But there are some expense, he said.

Each of the 10 municipalities has been asked to put $500 into a pot to cover expenses such as meeting rooms and office expenses.

“The goal is to have one of the municipalities separate from the City of Kawartha Lakes act as the treasurer for the fund,” he explained

Lever said the other idea included pro-rated funding of the group.

The mayor then asked for council agree to send the $500, once the treasurer municipality is determined.

Council agreed.