Puslinch considers farmers’ market

A newly formed farmers market group is hopeful Puslinch council will be able to provide funding to help it prepare for a spring 2011 opening.

The 10-member Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA) has asked the township for $2,000 in start-up funding, and also to serve as lead in any funding applications before the group is established as an official not-for-profit organization.

Councillor Matthew Bul­mer, who is the interim chairman of AFMA, said there is a “very dedicated group of individuals on the committee.” He said AFRA does have some spon­sors, “but you can’t do everything on a wish and a promise.”

He added the group’s needs are “rather modest,” as it wants  the market on a rural scale.

Mayor Brad Whitcombe said council would consider the funding request in the township’s 2010 budget.