Profitable Pastures 2017 Conference and Trade Show in Mount Forest

The Ontario Forage Council is proud to announce the upcoming annual Profitable Pastures 2017 at the Mount Forest Community Centre, on Feb. 28.

This year’s theme is: Grazing Management, Proven Success! Can It Work on My Farm?

Keynote speaker is Dr. Jason Rowntree, an associate professor in animal science at Michigan State University who will address Upper Midwest Grass Finishing, and Grazing Management to Increase Production and Lower Cost.

In addition, a rep from BFO will kick off the day with a Northern Cow Herd Expansion Update.

Doug Yungblut will discuss his latest area of study: The profitability of grazing beef cows versus cash cropping in southern Ontario.

Attendees will also be treated to the firsthand knowledge from sheep producer Vince Stutzski, as well as Mapleseed’s 2017 Beef Pasture Award Winner (TBA). These producers will share information about their operations, as well as participate in the producer panel.

The cost of this year’s conference is $40, and includes a hot roast beef lunch.

Books of 10 tickets are available to treat customers, or staff.

Registration deadline is Feb. 24, registrations will be accepted at the door, but may not include the hot roast beef lunch. Registration is available by phone, or mail.

Visa and Mastercard accepted by phone. Please make cheques payable to the Ontario Forage Council.

Tradeshow and sponsorship opportunities are still available for this conference. Profitable Pastures is an excellent way to advertise one’s business to a target audience, as well as show support for the grazing community.

For more information on sponsorship/tradeshow opportunities, or to register please contact:

Ontario Forage Council Patricia Ellingwood, Executive Assistant, (519) 986-1484, or 1-877-892-8663 or