Premiere of play running May 28

On May 28 at the Fergus Grand Theatre, the last in a series of Theatre for Schools performances will be held.

The premiere of Daughter of the Copper Shield will present­ed by Shannon Thunderbird, a first nations storyteller, singer songwriter, recording artist and teacher.

Thunderbird, accom­pani­ed by Sandy Horne, will present the show stories, theatre, and songs.

There will be two performances, at 10am and 1 pm, lasting approxi­mately an hour.

The show is particularly designed for students from grade  3 to 6. Tickets are $4 per person, (students, teachers, and adult supervisors. To reserve, call 519-0916, extension 224.

The Wellington County Mu­seum and Archives sponsors four theatre presentations a year at the Grand Theatre in Fergus.