Poultry Club meets

The Mimosa 4-H Poultry Club recently held its first meeting.

After officers were elected and the meeting was opened with the 4-H Pledge, members were given the agenda for all upcoming meetings.  Looks like we will be doing some cooking with eggs, along with raising newborn chicks, and then showing them at nearby fairs. Members will also be learning how to harness and guide our chickens through an agility course.

After watching a video, the group conducted an experiment.  We placed several fertilized eggs into incubators and we will watch the eggs hatch.  Members then learned how to take care of baby chicks once they become hatched. Each 4-H club member submitted a request for his/her preferred chicken type such as Leghorns, Plymouth Rock, Black Sex-Link, etc.  We will receive our own baby chicks at our next club meeting  Everyone was excited about this! We closed the meeting with the 4-H Motto.

submitted by Sarah Ceccato