Pop up shop now open in downtown Drayton

The Made in Mapleton Pop Up Shop will host a grand opening on July 5 at 11am.

The Drayton store, which had a “soft launch” on June 28, is billed by the township as a “temporary retail boutique” that will sell items created in Mapleton.

Located at 24 Wellington Street South, the Pop Up Shop was approved by council on May 22.

“We have many businesses that don’t have a location on our main streets. Although those businesses do well on their own we want to help spread the word that we have so many items to choose from that you don’t need to leave Mapleton to find exactly what you are looking for,” states a June 26 press release from the township. “We believe this pilot project will not only help spread the word about our rural businesses, it will also showcase the many talents and treasures you can find right in your backyard.”

The store will also provide a temporary office for the Mapleton Chamber of Commerce. Aly Cripps will operate the shop until the end of September.