Political wingnuts

Although this came to me, as an undisclosed recipient through the magic of email, well  before  Christmas, I’ve held it off to the start of the year. I know not who the author is, but it was headed “Letter to the Editor.” But it was sent directly to me, a freelance scriber. Though I profess no editorship, and prefer with a passion to stay out of the political arena: municipal township, county, provincial, and federal, in  that order; but it capsules in a nutshell my feelings so uniquely precise that I would feel remiss if I did not pass it on to you my readers.  Herewith it is as sent directly to me:

“Let me see if I have this all straight.

The NDP had already hatched a plan for a bloodless coup d’etat prior to the economic statement by Mr. Flaherty.

It apparently didn’t matter that Canadians just voted and elected Mr. Harper. Mr. Layton doesn’t care that we just had a $300-million election.

Mr. Dion announced his intention to step down, but the coup will put him into the prime Minister’s office even though he got the fewest votes of any Liberal since confederation.

The Bloc Quebecois holds the balance of power and the key to government stability. Hang on. Do I have this right? Mr. Duceppe is the defacto Prime Minister in this game of political monopoly?

So to recap?

Mr. Harper won, but really lost the election. Mr. Layton lost, but actually won. Mr. Dion quit, but is going to be Prime Minister. And Mr. Duceppe is laughing his backside off because he is the one who is really in charge of the stability of Canadian government while being committed to breaking up the country.

Hmmm. I just wanted to make sure I understood it all. Welcome to our new banana republic – land of the political wing-nuts.”

So there you have it folks, explained in simple understandable language which could be no better said. But don’t get me wrong, I am not against coalition governments. That is part and parcel of a complete democratic system; but the coalition that should be formed at this timing of economic grizzly bear-hugs, should be a coalition of all four sitting parties, ready and willing to work together to pull this country, without direction diversion, out of the doldrums of past political  mistakes.

It is quite obvious that no one in Ottawa is even remotely aware that the movement of cultural traits around the globe are changing; there is an undercurrent sweeping world wide that is slowly beginning to surface. The world is going to change. We have arrived in that moment of evolution when we must change mindset and switch course. We must escape from the oxen pulled, wagon rutted paths along which humanity has persistently plodded, and plundered, far too long; for now it is no longer sustainable. The way we live our lives today, there will be no tomorrow. There must be drastic changes in governmental decisions towards complete co-operative one-world government policies.

This world government will be one of compassion, with humanity in its entirety treated as one organism. There will be total recognition of the unseen creator of sun, wind, and rain; without which all life on earth would not be possible. This government will come into being by the social networking of ga-zillions of think-alike friends, regardless of colour, creed, religion, or economic status.

 The flow of the universe is undoubtedly connected symbiotically. In all life there is a coherence, with man, bird, plant, and animal, no matter how big or small, one no less important than the other. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the sun that shines and the wind that blows is shared by one and all.

One day we will wake up and realize that we, the  world’s population, are one family. The desire for peace, social justice, and sustainability, will bring about a cultural reform that will encircle the globe.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

Take care, ‘cause we care.

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Barrie Hopkins