Police unveil new weekday collision reporting guidelines

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Anyone who gets into a minor vehicular collision can now report the crash at the OPP detachment in Aboyne during certain hours on weekdays.

Police say the new collision reporting centre (CRC) – there is no new building or infrastructure involved – will “provide a convenient, quick and safe way to report collisions when they don’t involve serious injuries or property damage beyond involved vehicles.”

An Oct. 21 press release from the OPP explains Ontario drivers are required by law to exchange information (identification, vehicle information, insurance details) and, if the combined damage is estimated to be over $2,000, to report it to police.

“You must also report any collision that results in injuries or causes property damage beyond the vehicles,” police stated.

Wellington OPP officials are billing the CRC as “a quick, safe and convenient way to report a simple collision,” but it is open only on weekdays – Monday to Wednesday between 8am and 4pm and Thursday and Friday between 10am and 6pm – at the Aboyne detachment, at 371 Charles Allen Way.

“If the collision occurs during off hours or holidays they can wait (until the) office is open,” OPP spokesperson Josh Cunningham told the Advertiser.

Police say drivers should not use the CRC, and instead call 1-888-310-1122 (or 911 in the case of and emergency), for collisions:

– causing serious injury or death;

– causing damage to public or private property beyond the vehicles involved;

– blocking traffic with vehicles that cannot be removed from the roadway;

– where a driver fails to remain at the scene prior to exchanging information or there is a conflict between drivers;

– suspected to involve a criminal act (i.e. impaired driving, stolen vehicle, drugs);

– involving a cyclist or pedestrian;

– involving a municipal, provincial or federal vehicle;

– involving a vehicle transporting dangerous goods or livestock or a commercial motor vehicle with a gross weight above 11,000kg; and

– where any person involved wishes that an officer attend in person.

“If you are in a CRC-reportable collision we ask that you remove your vehicle, if drivable, to a safe location,” states the OPP press release.

“This reduces the risk of possible secondary collisions or injuries as well as congestion. Once safe, assess the situation, gather all prudent information about the collision and attend the CRC with the vehicle.”

Police say reports to the CRC will have to include details such as road names, speed limits, directions of travel, road and weather conditions as well as the other driver’s information.

Drivers can call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 for information on what they need to do and where they can go to report a collision if they are unsure.

The CRC in Aboyne is one of 21 OPP CRCs in Ontario. Visit opp.ca for information.