Police offer winter road tips

Local police would like to remind motorists to drive according to road and weather conditions.

Wellington County OPP has offered the following tips to assist drivers in arriving to their destination safely:

– blowing snow and whiteouts cause poor visibility. Make sure your lights are on and functioning;

– remember you must be able to see and be seen;

– leave plenty of extra space between you and the vehicle ahead. Stopping distances are increased on a slippery, snow covered roadway;

– remember to look far ahead as you drive so you can recognize hazards and have plenty of time to react to them; and

– adjust your driving to the road and weather conditions. Slow down and avoid sudden braking and jerking of the steering wheel.

Putting snow on roads

County and Township personnel have been working to clear the roadways to make them safer for motorists.

The last thing an unsuspecting driver needs when driving down the road is to think the road has been cleared, only to come upon a large pile at the end of a driveway.

Striking this pile of snow may cause the driver to lose control and veer off the road or even into oncoming traffic.

Under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, it is against the law to shovel snow back onto the roadway, and being charged may result in a ticket for $110.

Snow plows

There are lots of things to consider while driving in winter weather conditions, one of which is the slow moving snowplow up ahead in the line of traffic on area highways.

Snowplows by their very design can cause extensive damage or even death if involved in a collision.

It is not uncommon on multi-lane highways to encounter plows staggered side by side traveling 65 to 75km/h clearing the highway in one sweep.

The average speed of a plow is well below the posted speed limit.

This is because the truck has to slow down to clear the roadway safely. Ahead of the plow is usually an untreated, snow covered and often very slippery roadway – so passing a snow plow can be a risky manoeuvre.

It is important for all motorists to allow plow operators the room to work to avoid a potentially deadly collision.  

Be patient, slow down and be prepared for winter roads and always adjust speed to the existing conditions.