Police issue public safety alert following opiate overdoses

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Police are issuing a public safety alert following three opiate overdoses in the county this past weekend.

Wellington County OPP officials say the overdoses occurred in Wellington North and Centre Wellington.

“Thankfully, in each instance, naloxone was successfully administered and none of the overdoses were fatal,” police stated in an April 2 press release.

Naloxone will temporarily reverse an opioid overdose and buy some time until an ambulance can arrive. Advertiser file photo

Despite the positive outcomes, the OPP is issuing “a public safety alert due to the number of overdoses in a short period of time.”

Police say anyone using drugs “should use extreme caution, should not use alone, and should have [naloxone] readily available.

“Anyone who suffers serious illness after consuming a narcotic should call 911, attend a local emergency room, or attend a walk-in clinic immediately.”

For more information about drug overdose prevention and response, visit wgdrugstrategy.ca or wdgpublichealth.ca.

For a referral to a substance use treatment facility call 211, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at 1-800-463-2338 or visit the Connex Ontario website.