Police focus on detour area

For two months Wellington County OPP officers focused patrols in the John Street North area here.

Police say traffic has increased on the road due to a road closure on Elora Street North just north of Arthur Street due to construction.

From the start of May to June 30 officers dedicated a total of 59 hours of patrol time in response to public complaints about motorists not obeying the rules and driving in an unsafe manner.

The results of the enforcement blitz are:

– 21 seatbelt charges;

– 10 charges for failing to stop at a stop sign;

– six traffic violation charges;

– three charges for distracted driving;

– two insurance charges; and

– one careless driving charge.

Police say Elora Street North in Harriston is expected to be closed until at least the end of July.

“Wellington County OPP reminds drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to follow the rules of the road in an effort to avoid tragedies this summer,” police say. “Road safety requires cooperation and patience from everyone as summer begins and people spend more time outside and on the roads.”