Police beat: Traffic blitz leads to charges

Blitz leads to 36 charges

ERIN – Police laid more than 30 charges during a recent two-day traffic blitz in the village of Erin.

On June 11 and 13, Wellington County OPP officers focused on certain areas in the village in response to a number of complaints about speeding, aggressive driving and other unsafe driving practices. Traffic management unit manager Sgt. Darryl Porterfield explained police also targeted impaired driving, seat-belts and distracted driving.

The initiative resulted in 36 charges: 21 for speeding, eight for seat belt offences and two for stop sign related offences.

Police thank Erin residents for reporting unsafe driving practice and say anyone else wanting to report “an area where driving safety is an issue,” can call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.

Another blitz

WELLINGTON COUNTY – A recent traffic blitz across the county resulted in over 50 charges laid in just two days.

On June 12 and 14, Wellington County OPP officers focused on what police call “high problem areas” and targeted speeding, aggressive driving and “other unsafe driving practices.”

The blitz used both airplane surveillance and officers in vehicles.

Charges include 37 for speeding, one for stunt driving, four for seat belts, one fail to move over and 10 other traffic offences, as well as 14 for commercial motor vehicles following too close.

“It’s not every day that we get to utilize these high-tech tools exclusively in Wellington,” said local OPP Staff Sgt. Bruce Aitken. “Rest assured that when we have the opportunity we will maximize our efforts to make our roads safer.”