Police Beat: Serious Highway 6 crash sends two to hospital

WELLINGTON NORTH – Two people were sent to hospital with serious injuries following a head-on crash here last week.

Emergency crews responded to the two-vehicle collision on Highway 6 north of Arthur on Dec. 18 at about 8:05am.

Wellington County OPP officials say a northbound SUV and a southbound sedan collided between Sideroads 9 and 10. Both drivers were transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

A portion of Highway 6 was closed for several hours.

Police were asking anyone that may have witnessed the collision to call 1-888-310-1122.

Winter driving tips

WELLINGTON COUNTY – With many people travelling over the holidays, police are again reminding drivers to stay safe.

Wellington County OPP officials are offering the following winter driving tips.

1. Don’t despair, repair: make sure your vehicle is in good operating condition and has the equipment you might need such as snow tires, emergency kit, snow brush, windshield wiper fluid etc.

2. Clear to steer: Before you get out on the road, clear the snow and ice from your vehicle. Not only can ice and snow limit your visibility, it can also be hazardous as it leaves your vehicle at highway speeds.

3. Doddle the throttle: Driving in a rush could mean the difference between a late arrival and an early death.

4. Don’t rock the intox’: Nothing new but we’ll say it again: intoxicated driving kills!

5. Distractions lessen reactions: Focus on driving and avoid distractions.

6. Read the lead: Breaking earlier and using extra lead time and distance between you and the vehicle in front can help you avoid rear-ending someone.

7. Don’t burn your turn: Slower speeds through curves can help your vehicle maintain good tire contact with the road.

8. Remove the boot: when approaching an intersection, where you have the right away, take your foot off the throttle and coast through. Give yourself time to watch for traffic that isn’t stopping and react.

9. Back-in, drive-off: Backing into parking spaces will allow you a better view of pedestrians, pets and other vehicles when you leave.

10. Address your egress: If you are involved in a collision, your vehicle can be a safe place from hazards. Decide if it’s safer to exit your vehicle to a safe place or remain in your vehicle until help arrives.

“Wellington County OPP would like to thank all those drivers who’ve made a conscious effort to be safe and responsible on our roadways,” police stated in a press release.

Outsmart ‘porch pirates’ this holiday season

ORILLIA – With holiday season here, the OPP is reminding the public to beware of “porch pirates,” thieves who steal packages left at someone’s house when they are not home.

“Ensuring a safe delivery makes sense year-round, but we know that would-be thieves are especially keen during the holiday season as there is an increase of purchases,” states OPP Inspector Angie McCollum, of Community Safety Services.

“Be sure to take some simple precautions to ensure your purchases make it to the right person this holiday.”

Police offer the following tips to help keep delivered packages safe:

– track deliveries online and try to be home at the time a package is delivered;

– ask a friend or neighbour to receive your package at the time of delivery;

– if allowed by an employer, have the packages delivered to your work;

– some stores provide a pickup-in-store service that allows you to pick up items from a nearer location; and

– consider installing a motion-detection home security system that records video and sends immediate notice of activity to your cell phone.

If packages are stolen, report the incident to local police and the shipping company. If you see suspicious activity contact local police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).