Police beat: Operation Safe Driver

ORILLIA – The OPP participated in Operation Safe Driver from July 12 to 18, laying a total of 6,049 charges on OPP-patrolled roads.    

The week-long traffic safety campaign targeted commercial and non-commercial vehicle drivers, with a focus on speeding.

Speeding dominated the offence categories among non-commercial drivers, with 3,687 charges laid. In contrast, there were 145 speeding offences among commercial vehicle drivers.

Among other commercial driver charges were: 110 document-related offences, 104 driving violations, 45 charges for defective equipment and 21 speed limiter charges. Officers took 19 commercial vehicles off the road during the initiative.

Among non-commercial vehicle drivers, the OPP laid 251 seat belt charges, 112 distracted driving charges and 85 impaired driving charges.

Operation Safe Driver is an annual campaign led by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, with enforcement and education across North America.

For more information visit cvsa.org.