Play chess against one of Canada’s top-rated players

CENTRE WELLINGTON — The Bookery is hosting a simultaneous chess exhibition on Sept. 9 from 3 to 7pm with international chess master Mark Plotkin. 

Plotkin is a professional chess coach based in Toronto and is one of the highest-ranked chess players in Canada. He holds a Canada Chess Federation ranking of 2515 and a FIDE rating of 2353. 

He first learned to play at the age of four from his father Viktor (also a chess master) and has played in numerous national and international events.

At The Bookery event, Plotkin will take on all comers, playing up to 10 games at once. 

The fee to participate is by donation with a recommended $5 minimum.

This is a drop-in event and participants can begin playing as soon as a board is free. 

Plotkin will play the same colour in each game (usually white). Participants are asked to always wait until Plotkin is in front of the board before making a move. 

When the game is finished, it is asked that you give up your seat to the next waiting player.

Chess scoresheets will be available for participants wanting to record their game.

Also happening on the same day at The Bookery from 7:30 to 9pm will be a Fergus ghost walk which is a guided lantern walk of the histories, mysteries and reported haunted lore in downtown Fergus. 

Tickets are available at the Bookery or at