Play about Truscott will hit very close to home at festival

The annual summer festival here has been famous for years for presenting Canadian-written plays, but few will hit as close to home as  The Steven Truscott Project (working title) by Beverley Cooper.

The play will be directed by Miles Potter, and runs at the Blyth Summer Festival  July 30 to Sept. 6

"In Clinton, on June 12, 1959, Steven Truscott was ar­rested for the murder of Lynne Harper, a 12-year-old child. After a trial that lasted only 15 days, he was sentenced to death.

He was 14 at the time.

Forty-eight years later,  last August, Truscott’s name was cleared, but the question remains … how could such a thing happen in Clinton?

Clinton is located only a few miles from Blyth.

Playwright Cooper tackles the delicate subject with great sensitivity to the past, present and future, as she explores the far-reaching effects of crime and punishment.

The play leaves judgment to the courts, but trains a spotlight on human nature in a compelling tale of local history.

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