Petty theft at unknown location

FERGUS – Local police say they’re looking for help to apprehend a female suspect wanted for stealing $34 worth of goods from “a Fergus retailer” in two separate incidents.

On Nov. 27, Wellington County OPP officials issued a press release, including a photo of a young suspect, stating that a female stole items from an unnamed store on Nov. 8 and 21. 

Asked if the press release contained a typo, OPP spokesperson Josh Cunningham confirmed it did not – the total combined amount stolen in the two incidents is in fact $34.

He did not answer a question from the Advertiser about where the thefts occurred.

The next day, on Nov. 28, the OPP issued a second press release about the incident stating the suspect “could be protected under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act” and asking “media partners” to “remove [the photo] from publications.”

Individuals under 18 years of age are protected under the legislation and can not be named/identified.

The Advertiser never published nor intended to publish the photo.