Pettapiece encourages community to help with shortage of critical supplies

PERTH-WELLINGTON – The COVID-19 pandemic has left many healthcare providers and first responders scrambling to secure personal protective equipment (PPE).

Perth–Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece says he has heard from local hospitals, long-term care homes, emergency response personnel, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

“People are understandably concerned,” he said. “Some organizations tell me they now have adequate supplies, but others say they have only about a week’s worth on hand,” the MPP states in a March 30 press release.

Strained global supply chains are a big part of the problem, Pettapiece explained, with jurisdictions around the world suddenly competing for limited quantities of equipment.

The province recently announced it had secured 12 million more gloves; one million more N95 respirators; and nearly six million more surgical masks. The federal government has also promised to provide Ontario with 500,000 N95 respirators; one million masks; 750,000 gowns; 500,000 gloves; 750,000 face shields; and 20,000 units of hand sanitizer. Supplies are expected to be delivered at various times over the coming days and weeks.

“These are reassuring developments,” Pettapiece said. “Officials in the Ministry of Health are working very hard to do even more, because the government understands this is urgent.”

Pettapiece is also encouraging local organizations to help.

“Across our riding, we are seeing people stepping up to meet the need,” he said. “I continue to urge other sectors – people who may already have such supplies on hand—to do their part. I hope they will consider donating their supplies.”

In Wellington County, hospitals are seeking masks, goggles, gowns and face shields, the release states..

Pettapiece is encouraging all hospitals, health care providers, long-term care homes, and emergency response organizations to keep him informed of their supply status. His toll-free phone number is 1-800-461-9701.