Over 90% of Amber Alerts lead to child’s safe recovery

ORILLIA – Police say Amber Alerts really do make a difference in saving the lives of children. 

On Jan. 13, Amber Alert Awareness Day, the OPP reminded everyone of the true importance of these critical messages.

“Many alerts are resolved thanks to people like you who see or hear something following an alert that they report to police,” said OPP  inspector Todd Pittman. 

“Your assistance is essential, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Without your help, we might be reporting very different statistics today.” 

Amber Alerts are only issued if an abducted child is believed to be in danger. 

The decision to issue an Amber Alert is never taken lightly and the incident must meet clear criteria.

When an Amber Alert appears on your phone, click the link in the alert to access details at amberalert.opp.ca. 

There you will find information regarding the abduction, including descriptions of the child/children, the person accused and any vehicle involved.

When a child is abducted, the offender usually goes on the run to evade detection. In a matter of hours, they can travel hundreds of kilometres. This is why Amber Alerts are issued province-wide.

You can be an extra set of eyes, no matter where the abduction happened or where you are, as police simply cannot be everywhere. By sharing information on social media, to people who may not have access to a cell phone, you are playing an instrumental role in helping police return abducted children home safely.

Since 2018:

– 21 Amber Alerts were issued, averaging four per year;

– three were in OPP jurisdiction, while the remaining were issued for other police services in Ontario;

– over 90 per cent of Amber Alerts in Ontario resulted in the safe recovery of the abducted child, and 

– many Amber Alerts are resolved due to information from the public.