Over 70 municipal employees on ‘Sunshine List’ of public sector workers making $100,000

WELLINGTON CTY. – The list of area municipal employees making over $100,000 has grown to 71, a 20 per cent increase from two years ago.

On March 27, the province released its annual “Sunshine List” of public sector employees with a salary of at least $100,000.

The list, which has been released every year since 1996, includes provincial and municipal governments, crown agencies and corporations, Ontario Power Generation and publicly-funded organizations.


Province-wide, the 2018 list has increased by 19,131 employees (14.5%) over 2017.

“With more than half of government expenses going towards wages, we will continue to review compensation costs through the lens of sustainability,” said Peter Bethlenfalvy, president of the province’s Treasury Board. 

In a press release, the province’s Treasury Board Secretariat notes the average private sector worker in Ontario makes 33.6% less than the average public sector employee.

“The Treasury Board Secretariat has paused all pending compensation adjustments for public sector leaders, and all pending broader public sector executive compensation increases, while a full review takes place,” notes the press release.

Topping the local list

Among the highest paid employees in the Wellington County area are:

– Bruce Lauckner, CEO of Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integration Network, who made $347,381 (up from $334,315 in 2017);

– Dr. Nicola Mercer, CEO of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, $311,498 (up from $301,340 in 2017); and

– County of Wellington CAO Scott Wilson, $261,937 (up from $255,407).

Wellington County

The 2018 local list includes 71 municipal employees (up from 67 in 2017 and from 59 in 2016), 44 from Wellington County alone (up from 41 in 2017).  

County employees on the list include:

– Eddie Alton, social services administrator, $166,113;

– Susan Aram, deputy treasurer, $122,466;

– Luisa Artuso, director of Children’s Early Years, $122,466;

– Stuart Beumer, director of Ontario Works, $122,466;

– Harry Blinkhorn, housing operations manager, $111,591;

– Mark Bolzon, manager of purchasing and risk management services, $111,591;

– Kate Brubacher, registered nurse, $104,141;

– Donna Bryce, clerk, $144,599;

– Jana Burns, director of economic development, $106,049;

– Tricia Burrough, resident care manager, $119,562;

-Richard Clark, environmental services manager, $104,540;

– Colleen Cudney, life enrichment manager,  $104,555;

  Ken Dehart, treasurer,  $166,113;

– Mark Eby, construction manager, $108,325;

-Wayne England, operations superintendent, $101,325;

– David Etherton, IT operations manager, $111,591;

– Katherine Fuchs, network analyst, $101,549;

– Chanda Gilpin, assistant chief librarian, $122,466;

– Judith Goodall, registered nurse, $109,942;

– Janice Hindley, museum/Wellington Place administration, $166,113;

– Laura Ann Holtom, home for the aged administrator, $160,983;

– Brad Hutchinson, roads superintendent, $101,537;

– J. Paul Johnson, operations manager, $122,466;

– Don Kudo, engineer, $156,903;

– Andrea Lawson, director of human resources, $166,113;

  Curtis Marshall, senior planner, $103,268;

– Murray McCabe, chief librarian, $166,113;

– Peg Muhlbauer, director of care, $131,214;

– Kevin Mulholland, construction and property manager, $139,961;

– Steven Mumby, senior developer, $101,743;

-Ryan Pettipiere, director of housing, $112,287;

– Linda Redmond, planner, $114,881;

– Michele Richardson, assistant director of human resources, $108,305;

– Patricia Ridgeway, nutrition services manager, $104,540;

– Pat Rogerson, payroll manager, $111,591;

– Aldo Salis, director of planning and development,  $150,898;

– Suzanne Schwartzen-truber, assistant administrator, $115,711;

– B. Elise Seitz, registered nurse, $105,370;

– Ram Das Soligo, manager solid waste services, $115,624;

– Travis Walker, roads foreman, $101,542;

– Doug Waram, IT director, $122,466;

– Sarah Wilhelm, manager of policy planning, $117,662;

– Scott Wilson, CAO, $261,937; and

– Carol Woods, registered nurse, $104,945.

Past warden Dennis Lever, though not officially included on the Sunshine List, made $109,430 in combined base pay in 2018 ($87,588 as warden and $21,852 as Puslinch mayor).

Lower-tier municipalities

Of the remaining municipalities, 27 employees made more than $100,000 in 2018 (up 59% from 17 in 2017):

– Centre Wellington infrastructure services manager Colin Baker, $129,486;

– Centre Wellington chief building official Randal Bossence, $101,613;

– Centre Wellington  CAO Andrew Goldie, $169,709;

– Centre Wellington clerk Kerri O’Kane, $103,347;

– Centre Wellington Fire Chief Brad Patton, $111,290;

– Centre Wellington planning and development manager Brett Salmon, $129,486;

– Centre Wellington human resources manager Sandra Schulz, $110,606; 

– Centre Wellington corporate services manager Dan Wilson, $129,486;

– Erin finance director Ursula D’Angelo, $117,269;

– Erin roads supervisor Greg Delfosse, $105,197; 

– Erin CAO Nathan Hyde, CAO, $145,661;

– Guelph-Eramosa finance director Linda Cheyne, $116,336;

– Guelph-Eramosa parks and recreation director Robin Milne, $113,055;

– Guelph-Eramosa public works director Harry Niemi, $116,336;

– Guelph-Eramosa clerk Meaghen Reid, $113,055; and

– Guelph-Eramosa CAO Ian Roger, $152,932;

– Mapleton CAO Manny Baron, $124,723;

– Mapleton public works manager James Grose, $106,457; 

– Mapleton public works director Salvatore Mattina,  $114,343;

– Minto treasurer/deputy clerk Gordon Duff, $118,761;

– Minto fire chief/deputy CAO Chris Harrow, $110,282;

– Minto chief building official Terry Kuipers, $103,909;

– Minto CAO Bill White, $160,455;

– Puslinch director of public works Don Creed, $108,674;

– Puslinch treasurer Mary Hasan, $108,444;

– Puslinch CAO Karen Landry, $143,470; and

– Wellington North CAO Michael Givens, $134,628.

Provincial parliament

Wellington-Halton Hills MPP and speaker Ted Arnott  was paid $139,259 in 2018, up from $129,254 in 2017 (he was not speaker in 2017).

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece, who serves as parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, was paid $137,473 in 2018, up from $116,550 the previous year (when he was not parliamentary assistant).


The Wellington Catholic District School Board has 301 employees on the list – more than quadruple its 2017 total of 69 – with director of education Tamara Nugent atop the list with a salary of $196,797.

Martha Rogers, director of education, made the most ($244,720) in 2018 for the Upper Grand District School Board, which has 344 on the list, up 37% from 251 in 2017.

Health and wellness

There are 35 workers from hospitals in Fergus, Palmerston and Mount Forest on the list (up from 30), top earner Stephen Street, president and CEO for Groves Memorial Community Hospital and North Wellington Health Care Corporation (NWHC), making $225,438.

The Waterloo-Wellington LHIN has 39 employees on the list (up from 32) with salaries ranging from $100,115 to $347,381. The LHIN had five employees making more than $200,000.

The Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health unit has 17 of employees on the list, with salaries ranging from $102,136 to $311,498.

There are 16 employees of the Canadian Mental Health Association of Waterloo Wellington on the $100,000 list, including executive director Fred Wagner, who was paid $150,480 last year.

The Children’s Aid Society of Guelph and Wellington has 16 people on the list (up from 11), with salaries ranging from $100,187 to $163,908 for executive director Sheila Markle.

Executive director Silvana Castaldi, who made $107,156 in 2018, is the only employee of Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis on the list.

Laura Hanley, executive director of Community Living Guelph Wellington, was the organization’s only member on the list, at $125,688.

Executive director Joan Nandlal-Robinson of the John Howard Society of Waterloo Wellington made $114,170. Hospice Wellington registered nurse Louise Bilodeau was paid $107,459 in 2018.

Jodi Colwill of the Minto-Mapleton Family Health Team made $111,027, while the Upper Grand Family Health Team had two employees on the list: nurse practitioner Kristin Johnson at $123,393, and executive director Cora Van Zutphen at $113,780.


Within the Wellington County OPP detachment, 94 employees made the list for 2018 (down from 104 in 2017).

The highest detachment salary was for Sgt. Michael Ashley, at $173,390. Next was Inspector Scott Lawson, detachment commander, who made $160,401 last year.


The Grand River Conservation Authority has 27 employees on the list, up from 24 in 2017, ranging  from $100,255 to $200,673 for CAO Joseph Farwell.

The Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority has one employee on the list, general manager Wayne Brohman, who made $105,453.

The Maitland Valley Conservation and Credit Valley Conservation authorities did not have any members on the list for 2018.

Rural Ontario Institute executive director Norman Ragetlie was paid $105,000 in 2018.

For the complete searchable Sunshine List, visit Ontario.ca/salarydisclosure.