OPP return to peaked hats after 11 years

Ontarians will notice a visible change in the appearance of Ontario Provin­cial Police (OPP) officers across the province, as they trade in their wide brim hats for new peak caps.

The peak cap was re-in­troduced as a part of the OPP uniform last week and will be worn by all officers serving with the Ontario Provincial Police.

“The headdress is an important part of the OPP uniform and the peak cap will provide officers on the front line with a more durable hat,” said OPP Commissioner Julian Fan­tino.

“After completing a thor­ough evaluation and analysis of the hat, including field testing, the peak cap was determined to be a cost-effective and func­tional alternative to the wide brim hat,” added Superin­ten­dent Mal Chivers, Bureau Commander of the OPP Fleet, Supply and Weapons Services Bureau.

“This year the OPP cele­brates 100 years of policing in Ontario and the re-introduction of the peak cap will provide a hat that is better suited to the diverse conditions faced by the women and men of the OPP as we move forward into our next century of policing,” said Fantino.

The peak cap was first introduced to the OPP in 1930 and replaced by a wide brim hat in 1997. The reason given at that time was the Stetson style hat better protected offi­cers from the sun.

Those forced to work in strong sun will now be issued sun block.