OPP ceases operation of Crime Alerts website

For over a decade residents in this county and throughout the province have relied on the Crime Alerts Network for  timely reports from the Ontario Provincial Police.

But as of Dec. 20, the crimealerts.net website has ceased operations.

“It has served us very well,” said Sgt. Dave Rector, OPP media relations officer for the province’s western region.

Rector explained shutting down Crime Alerts has been in the works for a while; ever since OPP officials became aware of “some issues” linked to their association with a private sector website.

He did not identify those issues and commended crimealerts.net webmaster Chris Chivers and his wife for providing a “great service” to the OPP.

He said anyone with concerns can find information on the OPP’s own website (opp.ca), which has a media page, or can contact their local media officer  (constables Keith Robb or Mark Cloes in Wellington County) for local information.

Rector added the OPP is also using other social media outlets to disseminate information, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

“We’re definitely trying to tap into the mediums that are out there,” he said. “We’re trying to stay current. … [and use] the most modern technology.”