Open Mind: My mood is showing

Submitted by a Chronic Mental Health Survivor

There are some who wear their emotions on their faces, and it is impossible to hide from it.

Others, like myself, are generally able to hide our moods by making sure we are well dressed and cleaned up. It’s amazing how others may perceive us then.

I have had some say how well I must be as I look good. More often than not, this is not the case.

Those who know me well are able to see beyond the outer layer to know my inner depths of pain, and will ask if I want to talk about my low mood.

If you are one of those who can’t hide your depression or anxiety inside yourself, it is easier for others to reach out to you to discuss your feelings and offer help. Sometimes you do not wish to talk, but other times you need to talk.

If you are involved with a professional or care team relating to your mental health, they may set things in place to assist you in trying to bring your mood up.

I have a mood chart that helps me to track my moods as well as other triggering-type events. This is something that can outwardly monitor our moods and help us to address them. Medications are typically used to keep our moods at a steady level so that we can keep them from dipping to worrisome levels.

If you are fortunate to have a creative outlet, this is a good non-medicinal way to boost your mood. Mindfulness, breathing, and grounding techniques are all ways in which we can attempt to stabilize our moods either without medication or in addition to prescribed medication.

If that does not work, we have phone support lines we can use to reach a person trained in listening and discussing our emotions and problems. Our best local resource is Here 24/7 which is staffed through CMHA (The Canadian Mental Health Association).

When I start to feel hopeless, or out of control emotionally, I call Here 24/7.

Anxiety can be a difficult roadblock in our lives, and when I reach a level that I need help, I know I have to reach out. There are many known signs of an oncoming depressive episode, from emotionally withdrawing from others, to physically hiding from people.

From not meeting someone’s eyes when they talk to us, to body or hand tremors or shaking. Look for these and other symptoms in those you care about. Ask if you can help. If you are told you can’t, then encourage this person to seek professional help.

If  your mood is showing, or if you are hiding it but can feel your tell-tale signs, please call Here 24/7 at 1-844-437-3247.

Do not ignore your mood. Knowing yourself and when to get help can save your life.