Ontario Provincial Police offer 1,950 reasons for crashes

In a recent wrap up of the week May 16 to 24,  here is what the OPP found in Western Region.

Officers found and arrested 36 drunken drivers and located 27 others who registered in the “warn” range along with two folks driving while prohibited from law to do so.

In addition to that, the OPP charged 60 persons for failing to yield to traffic, another 43 with careless driving, and 1,383 people for speeding.

Police charged 16 persons under the racing legislation and charged 134 other persons for not wearing their seat belts.  Additionally 249 drivers were charged during the distracted driving campaign.

“It’s quite disturbing that 36 people would take the lives of innocent people into their own hands and drive impaired,” said Traffic and Marine Inspector Wayne Burke. “Everyone who condones impaired driving, careless driving, speeding, non seat-belt compliance, or distracted driving is equally responsible for injury and deaths on area roads.” 

The OPP encourages everyone to be vigilant in reporting bad or illegal driving actions immediately.  The best way to reduce injury and death on our highways is for everyone to work together.   Road safety is everyone’s business and it begins well before the vehicle is ever turned on. 

Police noted that any one of those 1,950 offenders could have easily injured or killed another motorist or pedestrian during this week, but officers were able to enforce and educate the need for voluntary compliance of all the road safety rules.

Police suggest that before people turn on their car the next time, they should ask themselves, “Am I part of the problem or the solution to highway safety?”