Ontario Mutuals support 4-H with $36,300 contribution to program

4-H continues to move forward thanks to key partners that lead by example and invest into the health of communities.


Ontario Mutuals™, on be­half of its 45 farm mutual com­panies, has provided a $36,300 contribution to 4-H in Ontario during 2010.

Now in its sixth year of coordinated support to 4-H in Ontario, funds are directed at the local, regional and pro­vin­cial levels. Continuing a long-standing trend of community level support, $12,500 is dir­ected to local 4-H association needs.

At the regional level, $13,800 will be geared toward training workshops, coordi­nated through the respective 4-H Ontario regional specialists to meet the needs within the region.

4-H Ontario is pleased to once again announce Ontario Mutuals™ as the exclusive sponsor of the provincial Go For The Gold competition, a Reach for the Top style competition that is knowledge-based and team focused. From the $10,000 investment, $7,000 enables the provincial compe­tition at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, along with the administration of the program which includes distribution and maintenance of the buzzers. As well, $500 goes to each of six regional competitions.

Over and above the support through Ontario Mutuals, the 45 mutuals are known for their direct 4-H Club and association level contributions of cash and in-kind support. The commit­ment of working together to benefit 4-H members, volun­teers, and the communities in which they live, is helping to ensure the long-term sus­tainability of the 4-H program.