On the offensive

There are few managers we know, and that includes people running a household, who can get by without making a list of chores to be accomplished. In fact, one of the oldest tricks in the book of successful people is to do that list the night before a heavy day’s work.

So it was very interesting to note the moves by Centre Wellington Township Mayor Joanne Ross Zuj and her council in looking to the future rather than waiting for it to simply arrive. Over the next few weeks our Centre Wellington reporter, David Meyer, will be giving readers an inside look at what the township has in store for the short and long term. What a novel idea the mayor and council had.

The proposed strategic planning exercise is not a new phenomenon. Progressive councils have used similar exercises to determine priorities in the past. While the public did not always appreciate those efforts because it does shake things up a little, the prospect of looking at issues from that long-term perspective is invaluable.

From what we understand, the first lap of the exercise will focus mainly on a strengths and weaknesses analysis of each department. Any time better ways can be found to perform duties and eliminate red tape is a real help. We believe given the right chance, department heads will rise to the occasion and demonstrate how operations can improve. The spectre of future needs will also be a test of their ability to envision ways of trimming costs while still meeting the needs of residents.

In the areas of growth and community design, those are discussions that will benefit from citizen input once a template for consideration is established. We encourage residents to watch this process closely and when an issue does arise of interest, take five minutes and write a quick letter or email to councillors. Years ago, walking trails or the consideration of pedestrian and bike traffic was dismissed as a waste of time. Councils that adopted those proposals are now benefiting from quality of life enhancements in better health and easier traffic flow.

It’s a great time for council and staff in doing this work, and we look forward to seeing the results of this exercise.