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by Gilles Quesnel, Field Crop
Integrated Pest Management Specialist, OMAFRA
Before the snow flies, fields which will be no-tilled planted next year should be checked for the presence of over-wintering weeds.  A quick scouting this fall will identify existing winter annual weeds such as chickweed, biennials such as wild carrot and stubborn perennial weeds such as dandelions.  To effectively determine the extent of over-wintering weed pressure, individual fields will need to be scouted and weeds species density recorded.
Recording and/or mapping over-wintering weed species in late fall, including density and location will help you evaluate your weed management from one year to the next.  The information will also help you plan next year’s weed control program, providing you with a heads-up on the possible need for a preplant burndown application.
Winter wheat fields should also be checked for the presence of over-wintering weeds prior to snow cover.  Pay particular attention to no-till winter wheat fields which did not receive a preplant burndown herbicide application this fall.  These fields are at risk of infestation with winter annuals (chickweed), biennials (wild carrot) and seedling perennial weeds such as dandelions.  Most over-wintering weeds start off early in the spring and are extremely competitive in the first part of the growing season.  Even a moderate infestation of dandelion can have a significant negative impact on winter wheat yields if not controlled very early in the season.  Scouting wheat fields this fall for the presence of over-wintering weeds will provide lead time to plan next spring’s weed control program.
Karen Daynard, Ontario Outstanding Young Farmer Coordinator
We’re searching for outstanding young farmers in Ontario and want your help. We’re sure you know some successful farmers – people who contribute to the community, who seek new opportunities, and who generally are assets to Ontario’s agri-food industry.
Please tell us about them by completing an application form. We want you to nominate them for the title of the 2008 Ontario Outstanding Young Farmer. This award will be presented at the Regional Conference to be held next March in London, Ontario.
Anyone can nominate a young farmer/farm couple for the award. You can even nominate yourself. The eligibility requirements are simply:
• Must be between the ages of 18 and 39
• Must operate a farm
• Must derive a minimum of 2/3 of their income from farming
 The process is simple:
1. Nominations are submitted to the Ontario O.Y.F. nomination committee (contact info below) by December 31, 2007.
2. The committee reviews the nominations and contacts the top candidates. Their decision is based upon items such as the nominees progress in their agricultural career; adoption of soil, water, and energy conservation practices; financial and management practices and contribution to the well-being of the community, province, and nation.
3. The top candidates will be asked to participate in an interview and presentation process at the regional event to be held in March 2008 in London. The winner will be announced at the final banquet.
4. The provincial winner will then compete in the National competition which is designed to recognize young farmers that exemplify excellence in their profession.  The National competition for 2008 will be held in Calgary in December 2008.
If you know an outstanding young farmer, please nominate them!  It is time to recognize their outstanding contribution to the agricultural industry. Simply fill in an application form and send by email, fax or regular mail to: Karen Daynard, O.O.Y.F. Coordinator, 6904 Paisley Road West, R.R. #7, Guelph, ON, N1H 6J4 Phone: 519-836-2583; Fax: 519-836-1733; Email:
If you have questions about the nomination process, please contact John and Eadie Steele at or 705-696-1491.  Also, more information about O.Y.F. can be found on the website:
Dec.13 15th Annual Farmers’ Santa Claus Parade of Lights through the streets of Rockwood at 7:00 p.m.  Everyone welcome!
Jan. 4 Dairy Day at Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week, Elmwood Community Centre.  Please call 519-986-3756 or for details.
Jan. 5 Sheep Day and Goat Afternoon at Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week, Elmwood Community Centre.  Please call 519-986-3756 or for details.
Jan. 6  Horse Day (Adult  and Youth) at Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week, Elmwood Community Centre.  Please call 519-986-3756 or for details.
Jan. 7 Beef Day and Ecological Evening at Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week, Elmwood Community Centre.  Please call 519-986-3756 or for details. Please call 519-986-3756 or for details.
Jan. 8 Crops Day at Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week, Elmwood Community Centre.  Please call 519-986-3756 or for details. 
Jan.  23 Ag Day in Canada from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Italian Canadian Club, 135 Ferguson Street, Guelph.  For more information on Ag Day in Canada please check the website: or contact your local FCC office at 1-800-387-3232.