Northern plowman takes part in Bellamy Threshing Bee

It seems that Norm Craigie, 77, has had one foot in the furrow for his whole life.

The Mount Forest area resident was at the annual threshing bee at the Bellamy Farm last weekend demonstrating a bit of horse drawn plowing.

His wife, Sandy, said he had heard about the event through the Newspaper and asked to take part at the Bellamy event this year.

However, it seems plowing is in his blood.

She said he regularly tak­es part in various events and had scheduled to take part in the Orangeville Fair later that weekend.

He also intended to take part in the competition at this year’s International Plowing Match near Tees­water later this month.

“He just loves to plow,” she said.

Although it was his first time at Bellamy’s, he brought his wealth of experience to the event.

She noted Norm has been plowing since he was 7 and seven decades later is still at it.

The equipment used by the two Clydesdales is from Scotland as they pulled the Massey-Harris plow.