North Wellington long-term care facilities receive provincial COVID-19 funding

Caressant Care Arthur among four facilities to split $424,000 in 'prevention and containment' funding

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The province is providing $424,000 in funding to help long-term care homes in northern Wellington cope with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding, announced on Jan. 25, is in addition to “prevention and containment” funding already provided by the provincial government since the onset of the pandemic last March.

The latest funding will be distributed to the following facilities:

  • Caressant Care Arthur (80 beds), $139,700;
  • Caressant Care Harriston (89 beds), $89,400;
  • Royal Terrace in Palmerston (67 beds), $70,500; and
  • Strathcona Long-Term Care in mount Forest (96 beds), $124,400.

“Local long-term care providers and staff have worked incredibly hard to keep each other safe, and to keep their residents safe,” Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece stated in a press release.

“Our government understands they can’t do these things for free. They need more support.”

Pettapiece had previously called on the minister of seniors and minister of long-term care to make “every necessary resource” available to address COVID-19 outbreaks at Caresssant Care Arthur and Caressant Care Listowel.

As of Jan. 25, two outbreaks at Caressant Care Arthur had grown to 115 cases and nine deaths.

Pettapiece stated the new funding will cover eligible expenses related to:

  • an immediate 24/7 health checkpoint to confirm staff and essential caregivers entering facilities are properly screened for COVID-19 symptoms and potential exposure, and to continue screening residents;
  • additional prevention and containment activities, such as hiring new staff for essential services and/or to replace workers who are sick or in isolation;
  • cleaning, equipment and operating supplies beyond typical levels for the home; and
  • implementing infection control measures based on clinical evidence and expert advice.

“We will continue to do everything we can to help stop the spread of this virus and protect our most vulnerable and the staff who have been working tirelessly to keep them safe,” stated long-term care minister Dr. Merrilee Fullerton.

Officials say the province has launched “one of the largest recruitment and training drives in the province’s history” in order to provide an average of four hours of daily direct care for residents.

By 2024-25, the province expects 27,000 new hires – personal support workers, registered nurses and registered practical nurses – in long-term care settings.

Officials say “prevention and containment” funding previously granted to facilities in north Wellington includes:

  • Caressant Care Arthur, $549,700;
  • Caressant Care Harriston, $478,000;
  • Royal Terrace in Palmerston (67 beds), $632,300; and
  • Strathcona Long-Term Care in mount Forest (96 beds), $679,800.