Norgan Theatre re-opening plan contingent on film availability

MINTO – The Norgan Theatre is projected to reopen at the beginning of January but that’s subject to change depending on new film release dates.

Community services manager Matt Lubbers updated town council on activities at local recreational facilities at the Nov. 17 meeting.

Lubbers reported that the town-owned, volunteer-run theatre has been fairly busy with private rentals. However, the annual Christmas show has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns and a date for reopening the theatre for regular weekend showings of new movies is still up in the air.

“We’re hoping that’s early 2021, but … we’ll see,” said Lubbers.

Lubbers reported that private ice rentals at arenas in Harriston and Palmerston have been steady, and staff are currently working hard to fill in any last minute ice time gaps on the schedule.

Combined, the two arenas averaged 80 hours a week of ice time throughout October and November, Lubbers said.

Sponsors are in place to hold free public skating up until the end of December.

Although the Harriston Curling Club will not be putting ice in this year, the space is currently being used for a weekday walking group and weekday pickleball.

Lubbers noted staff are collecting information on the cost to heat the larger facilities that, in a regular year, would normally have ice installed.

Walking groups are now offered in Clifford, Harriston and Palmerston and Lubbers reported staff are monitoring the temperature closely at the Clifford Arena and the Harriston Curling Club, and are hopeful current non-ice programming at both facilities will be able to continue into December.

New PRAC member

Minutes of the Oct. 27 Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee meeting note that Bob McEachern’s term on the committee is completed at the end of this year. Council approved the committee recommendation that Palmerston resident Mike Hurst serve a four-year term on the committee, ending December of 2024.