Non-resident user fees

Well­ing­ton North council is ready to start another first step in deal­ing with recreation user fees.

A drafted letter by Well­ington North Mayor Mike Broomhead was considered for that meeting. It was to be sent to several municipalities.

It stated, “Our council has been discussing and trying to reach and understanding on non-resident use of our and your recreational facilities. On May 13, we have a meeting in our Kenilworth office in the council chambers starting at 7pm. We will be considering such things as non-resident rates, levies, user fees, etc.”

The letter asked if Southgate could send two or three staff to attend.

Broomhead added that the meeting is to provide information and to get information.

The letter was sent to the municipalities of West Grey, Southgate, Mapleton, Minto, Centre Wellington, and East Luther-Grand Valley.

Broomhead noted that coun­cillor Bob Mason, chairman of the recreation committee, saw the draft letter earlier that day.

Mason thought it sounded pretty good, Broomhead said.

Mason added, “This is something we’ve batted around for a while. This is the first step we have to take.”

Councillor Dan Yake be­lieved the letter “gets to the point … and will get the neighbouring municipalities that it should.” He hopes the meeting will be well-attended.