Niagara to GTA corridor assessment

Councillor Susan Fielding believes council needs more information on proposals for a Niagara to GTA corridor – in case there is a direct impact to Puslinch Township.

In September, the Halton Conservation Authority endorsed a staff report that stated, “That the HCA staff formally advise the Ministry of Transportation of the HCA board of directors’ position … of its opposition to the potential highway corridors under consideration connecting Highway 403 to Highway 401 or 407, as these potential routes could negatively impact not only the significant fisheries and other natural features … but also the communities of Hamilton, Puslinch, Wellington County and beyond.”

Councillor Susan Fielding admitted to not knowing much about those proposals.

She asked if the township should be making inquiries to the ministry about what impact it would have on Puslinch if the corridors go ahead.

“We may be jumping the gun because it sounds like this is in the preliminary stages. We should find out where we stand in all of this,” she said.

Mayor Dennis Lever agreed.

He noted the discussions have gone on since 2007.

He asked for a follow-up to get more information on the matter.

Fielding did not recall council ever getting any expert advice on the matter, only the correspondence that surfaces from time to time.

“We should check into how this would affect us,” she said.