New tennis courts open at Sportsplex during In Motion Week

Centre Well­ington Township, in partner­ship with the Fergus Ten­nis Club, has recently developed two new tennis courts at the Sportsplex here.

The two new courts are located on the easterly side of the Sportsplex and are available to Fergus Tennis Club members and also all township residents on a pay-as-you- play basis ($2.50 per person). Contact the Sportsplex at 519-843-2800 for specific hours of operations for the tennis courts.

The Fergus tennis club has worked on developing the courts for a number of years and its members are pleased the courts are now a reality.  The club has donated $25,000 towards the capital cost for the courts. The total cost is $180,000, which was approved by council as part of the its capital budget.

Club president Ed O’Shaugh­nessy is excited with the opportunity the new courts will create for all residents to try their hand at tennis and for their entire membership to en­joy.

The club provides lessons for people of all ages and it works at devel­oping new oppor­tunities for children and youth to partici­pate in physical activity through tennis.

Parks and Recreation Director Andy Goldie is de­light­ed with  new courts because they fit in with the township’s In Motion strategy.

In Motion is a health pro­motion plan that mobilizes communities’ to increase phy­si­cal activity with a goal to increase the level of regular physical activity among adults and children in Wellington and Dufferin Counties and the City of Guelph to a minimum of 30 minutes of activity per day at least five days per week.

Goldie noted that the week of Oct. 4 to 10 is In Motion week across the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph region. Local­ly a number of activities and events have been planned to help support people becoming more physically active and the township is pleased the tennis court opening can be part of the  week’s events.

The official grand opening for courts is this Saturday at 1pm.

Healthy food choices

The Parks and Recreation Department staff is looking to enhance the centres’ health pro­motion potential by ex­ploring community interest in healthy food choices at the community centres. 

Goldie, said, “Regular phy­s­ical activity and choosing healthy foods go hand in hand towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.”

He and concession coordi­nator Verna Wright, are part­nering with the dieticians from the local Public Health Office and Upper Grand Family Health Team Dieticians to survey clients at the recreation centres during In Motion week to obtain ideas from the com­munity and explore healthy options.

Goldie said he does not expect changes will occur rapidly.

“There is lots to be done yet and we want to hear from the community first.”

He is hoping that members of the community will step up and offer their support.  If anyone has creative ideas for im­prov­ing the nutritional environment in the recreation centres or are in a position to donate funds for necessary infrastructure chang­es, contact Wright at (519) 843-2800.

Recent research conducted on behalf of WDG In Motion found that only 39% of male and 44% of female children are active enough to reap any health benefits. Surprisingly, the research concluded that one quarter of WDG residents are less active than they were two years ago.