New policy for cancelled meetings

There is a new policy in Minto to deal with municipal meetings cancelled be­cause of adverse weather.
The new policy states, “The mayor and members of the council of the town of Minto as well as staff that attend the regular council meetings are not expected to drive to council meetings if there is a risk to their lives.
“Therefore it is in everyone’s interest to have a policy in place to alert members of council and staff so no one is driving to a council meeting in poor visibility because of snow, rain, hail, or other adverse weather conditions.”
The new policy will have the director of public services drive through the municipality between 4:30 to 5pm if there is a concern about the weather.
The mayor would then be able to make a judgement call by 5:15 if the meeting will continue as scheduled.
A telephone chain would be initiated to advise all members of council and the local radio station of a cancellation.
The winter storm on Feb. 6 left councillors scrambling, since two were in transit when the meeting was cancelled.
Councillor Barbara Bur­rows said that she for one “would personally appreciate more than 20 minutes notice.”
Even with the policy set before them Burrows wondered if that is enough notice, especially for delegations planning to attend a meeting.
Mayor David Anderson suggested if there are known delegations on the agenda, the decision can be made earlier.
Councillor Rick Hembly was en route and did not discover the meeting was cancelled until he arrived at the municipal building.
He quipped that he had an “enjoyable” ride over – because it wa a good workout for his Jeep.