New name, logo unveiled by community service group

“It’s a new name for an old friend.”

That’s how president David Robart-Morgan described the recent unveiling of a new name and logo for East Well­ington Community Services (EWCS).

Formerly known as the East Wellington Advisory Group, the organization was formed in 1984, and Robart-Morgan said there have been many changes in that time.

“We have evolved. We are now a community services organization that needs to be recognized as a community services organization,” he said. “It’s a reflection on the com­munity and how it’s grown – in Erin, in Rockwood, in Hillsburgh – and all of the communities within our catchment area.”

Officials explained the idea for a new name first came up about five years ago. After a market study, carried out with the help of University of Guelph students, the group suggested several names and eventually narrowed it down to EWCS.

“This new name is of im­portance as it shows the connection to residents and the series of services that we provide for children, for seniors, and for families at large,” Robart-Morgan said. “Today we’re celebrating also 25 years of service in east Wellington, thanks to the leadership and foresight of the residents in our area.”

Kasia Seydegart was among a small group of residents who helped form the organization in a local church. As the founding president of EWAG, she knows how much time and effort went into assessing and addressing the social service needs of the east Wellington area. She likens the growth of the organization to that of a human being.

“Without the community’s support, EWAG would never be the young adult it is today,” Seydegart said.

Robart-Morgan said EWCS looks forward to serving the community for many years to come.

“Twenty-five years later we’re still here, we’re still growing, and we’re still providing the needs for the community,” he said. “If we can make one family, child, one senior that much more happy every single day, I think we’ve accomplished a lot. But we do a lot more than that.”

For more information call 833-9696.