New mural at Elora arts centre

ELORA – Outdoor art has become even more important these days.

Anyone out walking in downtown Elora,  can stop by the Elora Centre for the Arts (ECFTA) at 75 Melville Street to see their new outdoor mural installation, entitled “Elora Love’”

The mural depicts an aerial view of the iconic Elora Quarry, in the shape of a heart.

The idea is that love is everywhere, you just have to find it and share it. “Sometimes finding love is about changing your perspective, you can’t actually see the heart shape of the Elora Quarry unless you are flying above it, it’s invisible when you are standing right in front of it,” said ECFTA  executive director Lianne Carter.

This mural provides a birds-eye view of Elora’s natural wonder and reminds us that love truly is everywhere,” ECFTA officials state.

Under the guidance of ECFTA arts instructor Judy Anderson, high school and university students from the community helped to paint the mural this past winter.

“We gained inspiration from A.J. Casson’s ‘High Water’ painting from the Group of Seven,” Anderson said.

A.J. Casson spent a lot of time in Elora during the 1920s and famously called Elora “Ontario’s most beautiful village,” so the nod to Casson is a fitting one.

Community members are invited to snap their own photos or video of the mural and share it on social media with the hashtag #eloralove.

There is even a chalkboard where passers-by can write what they love about Elora.

This outdoor community engagement project was made possible by the Regional Tourism Innovation “Shareable Moment” grant.

For more information, contact ECFTA executive director Lianne Carter at or 519-830-1876.