New Minto server to cost over $15,000

Councillors here recently took steps to ensure the safety of electronic data in the town with the purchase of new computer server for the municipality.

Councillors authorized the purchase and installation of an IBM x3500 series server comp­u­ter system from Abel-One Systems Inc. at a cost of $15,745 plus tax.

Treasurer Gord Duff provided councillors a background on the item.

“It’s not an off-the-shelf item,” he said. The idea is to plan a five-year purchase

Duff said the municipality is really getting into remote access applications with its rec­reation department plus an expansion of other work within the department.

Councillor Dave Turton ask­ed how the company does at providing support.

Duff said the purchasing department of Wellington Coun­ty seems pleased with the company. His report stated the town offices have experienced a number of problem with its server for the past few weeks.

“There have been instances of workstations being disconnected from the network and there have been many failures in our nightly backups.

“As part of our ongoing equipment replacement program, I had intended to take a close look at our server capacity in 2008. The server which is currently in use was purchased to serve the needs of the administration office in 2003.”

Duff pointed out, “There are now 20 or more computers connected to the server, and, of course, network speed has slowed as more data is stored on the server as time goes by.

“There are plans for more expansions, which would in­clude connecting the arenas, fire halls and possibly the public works shops to our main server.”

He said, “I chose to review providers and market pricing. Computer hardware is very difficult to compare as the companies that submitted quotations offered different solutions to our growing demands. I met with each company to discuss our needs and received further pricing where required.”

Duff warned, “The inability to back up our data leaves the integrity of the town’s records at risk. It would be best to complete this work after final tax bills, etc. had been processed with as little down time as possible. I therefore recommend that we proceed with this purchase as soon as practical.

“I have consulted with all departments in choosing the best solution. I therefore recommend the Town of Minto accept the bid of Able-One Systems Inc. to supply an IBM x3500 series server and related installation and after-sales support.”