New doctor moving into to area

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes several communities and a hospital to recruit a doctor.

Dr. Annie Lu, a family physician, is moving to Mount Forest effective July.  Dr. Lu will join the Mount Forest Family Health Team and set up practice in the Claire Stewart medical clinic, bringing the total physicians in Mount Forest to six.

She plans to practice three days a week in Mount Forest. She is currently com­plet­ing additional education to be certi­fied as a GP anaesthetist and intends to provide anaesthesia support at Groves Hospital in Fergus for two days per week in the future. The recruitment effort has been collaborative with both communities and clearly demonstrated the value of joint planning.

Dr. Lu was raised in downtown Toronto.  She at­tend­ed University of Guelph and earned an honours degree in Microbiology. After com­pleting her medical degree at the University of Toronto, Dr. Lu attended McMaster Univer­sity’s Rural Family Medicine Program.  Her residency hours were completed with Dr. Reaume, in Mount Forest and at Louise Marshall Hospital. 

Family Health Team offi­cials said recruitment suc­cess is due to the joint efforts of local doctors, North Wellington Health Care Corporation, the Mount Forest physician re­cruitment committee, the Townships of Wellington North and Southgate.

They also credited the attractiveness of Wellington North and Centre Wellington in natural beauty and convenient location close to major centres as a key element to success.

Patients wishing to register for Dr. Lu’s practice may call the medical clinic at 519-323-0255 and leave their name and contact information, or drop by the clinic at 525 Dublin Street in Mount Forest to pick up an enrollment package.