Nestle Waters unveils new ecoshape bottle to cut plastic usage

Nestlé Waters Canada has unveiled  a new “eco-shape” 500ml bottle as part of what company officials say is an ongoing commitment to reduce plastic consumption.

“With about 60% of Cana­dians drinking bottled water, reducing the amount of plastic in our bottles is one of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Gail Cosman, president of Nestlé Waters Canada.

Weighing 9.16 grams on average, officials say the new bottle contains 27% less plastic than its predecessor eco-shape bottle, which was introduced in 2007, and 60% less plastic than the company’s original, pre-eco-shape 500ml bottle, first introduced in 2000.

The eco-shape plastic beverage container introduced in 2007 was among the first light weight 500ml bottles in the beverage industry. The latest version of the eco-shape bottle is currently rolling out in the company’s Pure Life and Mon­tclair brands.

“Our first-generation eco-shape bottle was a significant step and is credited with reducing our plastics requirements by 4.59 million kilograms annually since 2007 and also reducing CO2 emissions by 8% annually,” said Cosman.

“It has also reduced high pressure compressed air consumption by 40%, which has re­duced our hydro-electricity consumption considerably. In the last five years, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 30% for every litre of water produced.”