Nestle donates defibrilator to Puslinch

Nestlé Waters Canada recently donated $5,200 to Canada’s 911 Ride Foundation, resulting in Guelph Police Services and the Township of Puslinch Fire Department each receiving one public defibrillator.

A public defibrillator is a portable device that provides out-of-hospital emergency treatment by first responders to those suffering from cardiac arrest, principally by applying an electric shock to restore the heart’s natural rhythm.

Canada’s 911 Ride Foundation raises several thousands of dollars annually through its annual ride towards the provision of public defibrillators (working in conjunction with the Mikey Network) as well as to support children victimized by violent crime, families of fallen emergency service personnel and returning military personnel injured in the line of duty (through the Soldier On Program).

“Once again, we are extremely thankful to Nestlé Waters Canada for hosting a barbecue luncheon for about 200 of our volunteer riders as well as for donating $5,200 towards the purchase of two public defibrillators,” said Daniel Lawrence, president of Canada’s 911 Ride. “The public defibrillator donated to Guelph Police Services will be in memory of Constable Jennifer Kovach.”

 “On behalf of the men and women who serve the City of Guelph as police officers, I want to thank Nestlé Waters Canada, Canada’s 911 Ride and the Mikey Network for the donation of the public defibrillator in memory of Constable Jennifer Kovach,” said Bryan Larkin, Chief, Guelph Police Services.

“On behalf of the residents of Puslinch and Township staff, we wish to thank Canada’s 911 Ride, the Mikey Network and Nestlé Waters Canada for this life-saving donation,” said Puslinch Mayor Dennis Lever. “Having a public defibrillator at our fire hall will afford all employees and visitors peace of mind.”

“Many, many residents and staff pass through the fire hall and our nearby township offices in a day – and having a wall-mounted public defibrillator at the ready will help our team save a life, should it ever come to that,” explained Puslinch fire chief Robert Gordon.

“Canada’s 911 Ride is making life better for children victimized by violent crime, for families whose loved ones are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty and for those who require immediate assistance because of heart attacks suffered some distance away from a hospital,” said John Zupo president of Nestlé Waters Canada. “We are pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to host the Canada 911 Ride at our facilities for the second time in three years – and to be able to give back to the community in a way that saves lives.”

About Canada’s 911

Ride Foundation

Established in 2006 in Markham, Ontario, Canada’s 911 Ride Foundation is an annual motorcycle fundraising ride escorted by police departments across the province of Ontario.  The foundation’s mission is to host an annual police-escorted motorcycle ride to raise funds and awareness of its causes, including helping children victimized by violent crime, assisting families whose loved ones were killed or seriously injured in the line of military or civilian service duty and working with the Mikey Network to make public defibrillators more readily available to help save lives.

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