NeighbourWoods planting in industrial areas of township

In an ongoing effort to get more trees growing in Centre Wellington Township, NeighbourWoods volunteers recently planted and mulched 29 trees along the perim­eter of Newdon Indus­tries property on Glengarry Crescent in Fergus.  

Sugar maples, hackberry and fast growing silver maples are now growing in this form­erly barren patch of industrial land.  Over the summer, the trees will be watered, as re­quired by volunteer Neigh­bour­­Woods Tree Stewards. Areas with the fewest trees, enjoy the most environmental benefit from them, so reaching into the treeless industrial lands is an especially productive target area.

NeighbourWoods is hoping that other industries will follow Newdon’s lead and plant trees on their property too.

"We understand that a business may not want to plant in a field that, one day, might be the site of a plant expansion, so perimeter planting makes perfect sense – the trees will likely never be in the way," said coordinator Toni Ellis.

The large trees were paid through a grant from TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation.

Any business that might like to partner with Neighbour­Woods to plant trees, can call 519-846-0841 or email Neigh­bour­