National Arts Drive to be held June 20

CENTRE WELLINGTON – Local artists are taking part in The National Arts Drive on June 20, part of a national experience and fundraiser for creative artists impacted by the global pandemic.

Local artists will showcase their work while respecting physical distancing – from windows, balconies, driveways, front lawns, workspaces or appropriate commercial spaces.

Community supporters are invited to visit participating local artists, performers, musicians and designers living in their community from a safe distance to purchase and appreciate their work.

When drivers approach a location, they’ll be able to donate directly to the artist from the safety of their car through a touch-free transfer.

The driving tour will be paired with a mobile website designed and built by RAW Artists, which spearheaded the event.

Art showcases will be identified on a map within the app, enabling drivers to plan their routes. Using the site, visitors can support artists by liking, following and/or sharing artists’ work via social media, tipping artists through a touch free pay app (i.e. Venmo, PayPal), and/or making future purchases from the artists online. All donations go directly to the artists.

The initiative aims to register 10,000 Canadian artists for the event. RAW supports 10 different verticals within the arts community – film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, beauty, accessories, photography, craft and technology. There is no charge for artists to participate, and they do not have to be members of RAW.

“This is simply artists, helping artists,” states Madison Galloway, a Centre Wellington artist who is the Centre Wellington ambassador for the event.

For more information on RAW Artists’ National Arts Drive, visit or