Nater introduces Food Day Canada Act in Ottawa

OTTAWA – Perth-Wellington MP John Nater introduced the Food Day in Canada Act in the House of Commons on May 19.


Typically a bill would be introduced in the House and proceed to Canada’s Senate for consideration before becoming law, but this Bill is taking the opposite journey. 

Having been introduced by Senator Rob Black in the Red Chamber and adopted on May 12, the Bill has now advanced to the House for consideration by parliamentarians before it can receive royal assent and become law.

If passed, the bill will make Saturday of the August long weekend as Food Day in Canada each year.

“I am especially proud that, through this bill, Parliament is honouring the legacy of the late Anita Stewart for her lifetime of devoted advocacy for Canadian food,” Nater said in his remarks introducing the bill.

Late Elora resident Anita Stewart started Food Day Canada in 2003, in response to a mad cow disease scare, encouraging Canadians to buy, cook and eat food raised and grown in Canada.

Nater expressed a desire for the bill to “pass quickly” through the House.

“Now, more than ever, it is important to champion the healthy local food that hard-working farmers and farm families grow throughout Canada,” he said in closing.